Friday, 18 October 2013

Renate McNay's interview with Amoda Maa Jeevan, author of 
Radical Awakening - The Birth of a New World and a New You 

Amoda has kindly shared an excerpt of her book with Conscious TV viewers that we will share with you in this blog post: 

"Traditional spiritual teachings have all emphasized the cultivation of an inner state of stillness that awakens us to the truth of our being-nature. And, they say, this is achieved by turning away from worldly activity. Whilst the recognition of our essential nature as this being-ness is the foundation of awakening, what was relevant thousands of years ago is not so relevant today. The exponential increase of pace and pressure in today’s world brings an evolutionary story to enlightenment that asks us to reframe our understanding of what it means to be an awakened human being. 

What’s important now, is that awakening is no longer about abandoning or transcending physical reality in order to live a spiritual life: rather, it’s about the fulfillment of our divine destiny by living the truth of our inner radiance whilst in earthly bodies. What’s emerging today is a whole new relationship to life that gives birth to an authentic human being. It’s a refreshingly contemporary perspective that acknowledges the imperative to anchor ourselves within the ground of being whilst celebrating the emergence of that which we are becoming. Another way of saying it, is that it’s an embracement of both the absolute truth of stillness and the relative truth of the movement of life. The evolutionary impulse that drives the ever-unfolding nature of existence is calling us to awaken to the pristine perfection of our inner light and then to fully embody and express this light amidst the imperfection and darkness of the world." 

On Oct. 24th, Amoda Maa Jeevan was at CTV studios for an interview with Renate McNay... can now watch the full interview by clicking here

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

An interview with Philip Jacobs
 author of The Pathless Path - A Journey to the Place Never Left 

Philip Jacobs has been generous to share an excerpt of his yet unpublished book with Conscious TV viewers here: 

"The opportunity at this stage of exhausting the search both in the outer world and in special future states of Consciousness is that we start to notice that there is nothing to look for. 

We have missed it because it is so close that it’s been overlooked as too obvious and simple. It’s rather like trying to look at your eyes without the aid of a mirror, it’s impossible since they are the instrument of seeing, so how can they see themselves? 

It’s just the same with Consciousness; it’s only eluded us as an object to find since it is itself the subject. It is already looking out through our eyes and hearing through our ears and sensing through all our senses right now. It was just as present before our search began, we haven’t uncovered it or developed it one iota. All that’s happened is that the search has been exhausted and a recognition has taken place.

We have lived with a consensus view of our identity as a result of identifying with the vehicle of Consciousness rather than with the Consciousness itself. But when we relax into what is looking out through our eyes, at first there is just nothing, it is like a vast still empty spaciousness that is also an immense fullness from which our thoughts, feelings and desires are arising and returning. Happiness arises and returns, fear arises and returns, our entire lives arise and return. All activity is just a ripple on the surface of this vastness. We are all just the waves on a great ocean of stillness. It is formless and without boundary, it is totally ordinary and ever present. Every aspect of our lives without exception, the triumphs as well as the broken dreams are all part of the pathless path, the journey to acknowledge that which was never lost and never found, was never more or less. 

You start to no longer see yourself as a separate entity acting on a separate external world, getting frustrated when it doesn’t go the way you think it should. Rather you experience yourself as the witness of an immense drama, where the One Mind plays every part in the drama. Everything is seen to emerge out of this great ocean including your own apparent thoughts, feelings and actions and you are just the great stillness that quietly observes its own play in the same way you might watch a film at the cinema.

The character you are playing will still experience sadness and joy, pain and pleasure, illness and health and whatever your role requires and yet somehow it is all different. It’s like the analogy from zen; 

'At first there are just mountains and rivers, then the mountains and river disappear, then in the end there’s just mountains and rivers again.' 

In October, Philip Jacobs came to Conscious TV studios for an interview with Iain McNay. 
To watch the complete interview, please click here

Monday, 14 October 2013

An interview with 
Davide De Angelis  - author of The Guiding Principle

From Davide De Angelis' website: 

"From very early in life I found it impossible to believe most of what was presented to me as facts.

As an older child I was acutely aware of an undercurrent of discomfort that appeared to emanate from the majority of people I saw. Why did so many people seem to lack any real essence of joy and simple astonishment at the pure fact that they existed at all on this watery, cloud-flecked sphere hurtling through the vastness of space?

The world was bursting with unimaginable patterns turning everything into a kind of dancing art, yet hardly anyone seemed to see this. I discovered that by the time I was about seven, more or less all the other children couldn’t see the patterns of energy flowing through and around people. I came to understand that what I saw was actually the dynamic flow of emotions and destiny unfolding through time and space. I trained myself to recognise the patterns and see where people were unconsciously clinging to pain and discomfort – to things that were not true yet held them captive and controlled their entire lives.

I had no idea what I was doing but something immeasurably loving and powerful seemed to guide me towards insights and ways of understanding what I experienced. This sense has never left me and a knowing that life is good and that death is nothing to fear has travelled with me through life.

I met my first teacher and shaman at nineteen and he introduced me to a vast and astonishing reality that could be shaped and arranged. Many seemingly impossible things started to happen. People came to me naturally because they unconsciously sensed that I could see their troubles and that I was able to guide them towards healing and aliveness.

I have since travelled through many terrains and realities. I have sat with and learnt from shamans, shamankas, zen masters, yogis and yoginis, philosophers, fighters and truly powerful healers. I now clearly see that nothing I have to say can ever touch this mysterious thing we call the 'truth'. I have been taken to the edge of oblivion a few times and somehow lived to tell the tale. My insatiable curiosity has asked me to make many sacrifices and suffer discomforts to gain insight and knowledge into things that ordinary logic had no answers for. What I’ve been gifted by grace has left me deeply humbled and eternally grateful.

In my mid forties, Life unexpectedly guided me back to working directly with people to help them resolve deep-rooted issues, feel the miraculous touch of a guiding principle of life and reconnect to the infinite abundance of love that pervades everything yet paradoxically has somehow been lost.

The tangible is created from the intangible.

That which appears to be incoherent actually has an inner coherence. There is a branch of science called ‘Nonlinear Dynamics’ which explores this possibility. We experience disharmony and chaos in certain areas of our lives and we perceive chaos and disorder in the world because we haven’t developed the faculties that allow this inner coherence to be seen.

Working on developing those faculties leads to the discovery that nothing is in fact hidden and our own truth stands everywhere revealed. When this is recognised, many are amazed to discover that all their fears are based on falsehood. The possibility of living free of those fears and restrictions then becomes apparent.

Our inner work is like building up a bank account. However the significant difference is that we cannot draw from will. The movement of funds is determined by a subtle energy field, which awaits a specific trigger to release this ‘power’ back into our own lives. Meaning that the inner work is primary and we look to create the environment where positive triggers become inevitable.
Every improvement we make on our private world improves the world at large for everyone."

On October 24th, Davide sat with Iain McNay for an interview on Conscious TV... can now watch the full interview by clicking here 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

An interview with Francoise Tibika
 Author of Molecular Consciousness: Why the Universe is Aware of Our Presence 

A research chemist for over 30 years, Francoise Tibika's new book 'Molecular Consciousness: Why the Universe is Aware of Our Presence' looks beyond the microscope into the greater mystery of the universe and specifically into the connection between mind and matter. 

Born in Algiers and raised in Paris, Tibika moved to Israel in 1968 and for the past ten years she has headed a research program on energy at the Institute of Chemistry of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Francoise has always had a deep interest in spirituality and mental imagery and has studied with the famed spiritual master and healer, Colette Aboulker-Muscat, for thirteen years. 

This September, Francoise sat with Iain for an interview on Conscious TV. To watch the full interview, please click here