Sunday, 18 January 2015

An interview with Kristiina Helin

Kristiina Helin is from Finland. She is an Opera and Music Stage Director and a Mother. A few month ago Kristiina wrote us an email where she said: "Thank you for running Conscious.TV. I have seen all your programs and my solitude ended when I saw there are others with the same realization.  Until then I felt there was only me and Krishnamurti..."

Kristiina had many "Out of Body" experiences as a child which were frightening but these experiences also gave her a taste of her true Self. After entering Acting School in London where they were trying to reach the unknown by questioning radically their perception and reality, she coincidently found out about Japanese Butoh dance and traveled to Japan to study its philosophy. The most important exercise was Bisoku movement that is an extremely slow movement, dancing for example to the smell of a flower and different images. Through the slow movements, she entered witnessing, awareness becoming whatever was in front of her. After a long period of silence, Kristiina attended a gathering with Rupert Spira where she had a profound shift in her perception...looking into the mirror she was neither in her body nor in the mirror, she had disappeared. In her own words: "Relaxing the body is crucial...Life is fully moving through me as me"

To watch Renate McNay's complete interview with Kristiina, please click here

An interview with Giles Hutchins 

On January 30th, Iain McNay will interview Giles Hutchins. Giles has written two books: The Illusion of Separation and The Nature of Business.

Here are few excerpts from Giles' books:

On Separateness

"Our patterns of thinking and learning are all based on a world of ‘things’ which we are encouraged to think of as separate building. The dominant world view allows us to count and measure objects without their having any relational value for us. It provides for neat definitions and a sense of control over life yet projects a logic that sets humans apart from each other and from Nature itself.
Yet the deeper we look into nature, the more we realise that nothing in life is separate; everything is a dynamic interplay. Life is essentially co-creative, fluid and connective. Separateness is an illusion we have created which has fast become a dangerous delusion infecting how we think and relate in business, politics and beyond.  It is becoming increasingly apparent that the critical problem facing our planet cannot be resolved with the same thinking that created the problems in the first place.’

On Meditation

"In Devon, my daily meditations and yoga were supplemented with sitting against trees I got to know intimately. I learnt a Druidic tree meditation and healing practice which I practiced daily with the trees. I also started writing short articles while sitting next to trees, blogs for a personal website. Then the Guardian newspaper offered to pay for me to write blogs for them and soon after that a publisher approached me about writing a book on business inspired by nature."

On Leaving the Corporate Life 

"Leaving corporate life was all contrary to my conditioning of security, career, status, financial income, etc. and while my earnings have been pathetic in comparison since, it is with no regrets. I gave myself the vital space and time to deepen my inner psychic connection to Nature and also to recover from years of shell-shocking global travel, stress, burning the candle at both ends, etc. I underwent something of a metamorphosis from 2012 to 2014, gradually healing while letting go of old mentalities, going through a ‘dark night of the soul’, embracing the unconscious depths of my imaginal realm and making friends once again with the stillness within."

Iain McNay's complete interview with Giles Hutchins is now available on Conscious TV through the link here